Snail Attack! (Anamorphosis)

Aaah! Courtesy of

Anamorphosis – It doesn’ t have to do with Animorphs, sorry, but it’s maybe almost as cool. Anamorphosis is the process of drawing something that looks normal from a specific angle, but distorted from any other angle.

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Hey, Guess What!

My first post on NOVA’s blog has gone up! The awesomeness itself: Adventures in Swarm Robotics.

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How Not to Sit in a Chair

I am currently sitting in a rolly chair backwards, one of my legs over the side, the other leg trapped between the back of the chair and the arm. When I tried to get out it was rather painful, so I will avoid doing that and write a bit first.

The offending chair.

Please don’t think I’m blaming the chair for my predicament; in fact, I like this chair a lot. I got it last year from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it has served me nobly and well for my perpetually-working-in-room needs. No, friends, the problem is not with the chair.

The problem is with society.

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Henry Goes to a Party (Science News)

Henry felt a bit awkward as he walked into to his first college party. (This is science news–you’ll see)

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Introductions; The Tetris Effect

My name is Sarah, I enjoy explaining things, and right now I’m seeing the world in Tetris-shaped blocks. NES cover of Tetris

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