Parties: Science News

A non-reversing mirror courtesy of See item 3 of my news list.

Hermit crabs’ idea of a party: line up smallest to largest and yank the crab one size up out of its shell. Then steal the shell. Repeat.

Mathematicians’ idea of a party: model the penguin idea of a party, which is to run continuously to the center of a huddle to keep warm, purely selfishly–the group overall will end up equitably sharing heat.

Artist’s idea of a party: create a smooth glass mirror that reflects your face as others see it instead of the reverse.

Gamer’s idea of a party: be better at simulations of surgery than real doctors. Don’t worry–the high school students were still worse at surgery by hand.

Topologist’s idea of a party: fold a hexaflexagon–a hexagon you can turn inside out three times to get three different faces. Or better yet, fold a hexahexaflexagon–keep turning it inside out to eventually find six different faces. You can skip the article and just watch this if you just want to see them in action. Coolest thing you’ll see all day.

By the way, I was being literal about the party there: October was Flexagon Month, and this website contains detailed instructions for how to plan, prepare, and host your very own hexaflexagon party.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving and I’ll be back with something a bit more creative next week!

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1 Response to Parties: Science News

  1. Holly says:

    And I do recognize some of these! HEXAFLEXATILIDIE!

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