It is not Sunday

The following is a series of lists.

As you may have noticed, I have not yet posted the promised blog entry for this weekend. I’ve been rather absorbed into other matters; namely, a Differential Geometry take-home exam. The following is a series of lists. I fear they don’t explain much of anything. (Pick another post to learn something!)


Things completing this exam is like

–          Trying to roll a tiny ball into a slightly tinier hole with one’s elbows.

–          Erasing lines on a white board, some of which are in permanent marker.

–          Trying to scratch lines of permanent marker off of a white board with very short nails.

–          Weaving a stylish sweater out of cat hair and then wearing it to a sporting event.

–          Coming up with relatable but apt metaphors.

–          Understanding the difference between metaphor and simile.

–          Coming to terms with the fact that, since a simile is a type of metaphor, either usage is sometimes acceptable. While balancing a pizza on one’s head.

Things I did this weekend besides this exam

–          Eat

–          Sleep, occasionally

–          Clean my room

–          Dress up as a zombie only to be killed repeatedly with nerf guns as well as a GLaDOS-like superweapon

–          Walk places

–          Create and consume an ice cream sundae

–          Breathe

Things I did not do this weekend

–          Finish my exam

–          Interact with others, excepting the aforementioned zombie antics and ice cream making

–          Travel

–          Write a blog post

–          Consume candy

–          Make a sweater out of cat hair

–          Work on other homework

–          Find my missing jacket

Things I may have learned this weekend

–          34 degree nighttime weather is doable if you have four layers of shirts and pants instead of a jacket

–          I am willing to choose free pens over free candy in rare situations

–          It is possible to stare at a two-line question for over three hours with infrequent breaks

–          Writing all possible combinations of the symbols in an exam problem does not eventually reveal the correct solution

–          Drunk people really, really enjoy shooting nerf guns

–          Strawberry sherbet is much worse than its sister flavors, lemon and orange

–          Writing exclusively on scrap paper gets very confusing very quickly

–          Some people are willing to read all the way down a random series of lists

Things this blog post is lamer than

–          Everything, except for my math exam

See you next week, guys, and wish me luck.

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I explain things! Hopefully things that people want to know. I'm working on that part.
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