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…at least, there will be more on there soon, hopefully.

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Hey all

I’m going to be taking a break on this blog until January to recharge (the break may or may not have started before I actually told you about it…). Look for some interesting content after that, though.

Happy holidays and happy new year!

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Mafia! (Best Article Ever)

So I was planning to write a post about Mafia, the party game where a group of villagers tries to identify the killers in their midst. I was going to write about the psychological implications of the game, and the likelihood of winning from different ratios of mafia/villagers. I was going to write about the variations one can introduce, and their effects on the game. And then I found this article.

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Meditation on Group Memes

When I went home for Thanksgiving break the number of times I quoted The Producers per 48 hour period increased around 10-fold.

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Parties: Science News

A non-reversing mirror courtesy of sciencenews.com. See item 3 of my news list.

Hermit crabs’ idea of a party: line up smallest to largest and yank the crab one size up out of its shell. Then steal the shell. Repeat.

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Magic and the Mind

Magic tricks sometimes work purely based on gimmicks, but more often than not they work by exploiting the way we perceive and think about the world.

Magic top hat: just add magic

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Slime Molds!

Slime Molds!

Just in case you haven’t heard of these guys, let me tell you about a type of cellular slime mold that takes “working together” to the next level–Dictyostelium discoideum.

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